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Is three easy strains and the phrases I maximum connect to Maya Angelou. After I heard of her passing, they’re the words I thought of…
“If you do not like something, exchange it.
If you cannot exchange it, exchange your mindset.
Don’t complain.”
– Maya Angelou
 The advice is robust and smooth to trust, yet Maya Angelou Quarter difficult to apply. But if we do follow those words as leaders and human beings, we can be a ways extra effective, make a much larger distinction, and be more healthy and happier too.
If each chief lived those words, the arena might be a higher area. But that isn’t my largest point, nor do I think it’s miles what Ms. Angelou would need you to focus on both. She’d need (and I need) you to take those phrases personally. Let’s examine every line thru the lens of your paintings as a pacesetter.
“If you don’t like some thing, exchange it.”
In your workplace, on your employer, there are things which can be damaged or things which might be excellent but can be better. Changing them is the paintings of leadership. Ask your self these questions…
• What is the problem or opportunity?
• What might make it higher?
• What ought to we do to impact it, or make that change?
I understand, you are the supervisor inside the center – you aren’t the CEO or the “huge boss”. Guess what? Even in case you are, you in all likelihood can’t make the alternate by myself. Even though you do not have whole manipulate of creating the trade appear, you possibly can have an impact on it.
So get to it.
“If you can’t change it, exchange your mind-set.”
Maybe it’s far out of doors of your capability to exchange. Or perhaps you’ve got tried the entirety you could think of to make the change.
I recognise, you still do not like it. But if you cannot consider every other methods to exchange or enhance it, the exceptional answer is to let it cross. Think about the situation in a brand new way. See what you could research from it. Move past it. And take into account that as a leader your attitude is not just yours, however a robust predictor of the attitude of your crew.
“Don’t whinge.”
How will complaining help? There might be a short-term value within the venting of your feelings, however if you do this round your team, you send the incorrect message. If you should, find a confidante who will pay attention and then inform you to prevent and get on with it. Once your quick pity birthday celebration is whole, refer returned to the primary  traces.
When we model this approach for our group, we assist them complain less and take extra accountability for the state of affairs and their emotions. No one definitely likes a complainer, and as I’ve already stated, it might not assist besides.
Ms. Angelou didn’t say those strains mainly for leaders, yet when we live this recommendation, we’re leading, regardless of our job description. If you want to make a bigger distinction in your crew, your employer and your global, living her simple phrases will take you a long way.
Kevin Eikenberry is a management expert and the Chief Potential Officer of The Kevin Eikenberry Group, a mastering consulting agency that helps Clients attain their capacity through a diffusion of training, consulting and speakme offerings. You can learn more about him and a unique provide on his latest e-book, Remarkable Leadership: Unleashing Your Leadership Potential One Skill at a time, at