The End of One Manga

OneManga.Com, the most important source of Manga Scanlations (scans of translated manga) at the internet, is to eliminate all manga content material from their web site.

The announcement become made all at once on Thursday Manga Online (22 July) at the web page homepage, by using One Manga’s webmaster, Zabi. He mentions the converting stance of publishers on scanlations, and his choice to comply with their desires.

Just weeks in advance 36 primary Japanese manga publishers and several American publishers had formed “a coalition to fight the “rampant and growing trouble” of scanlations”. Among them are publishing giants Square Enix, Viz media and Tokyopop.

The coalition worries that scanlation sites “now host thousands of pirated titles, incomes advert sales and/or club dues at creators’ cost while concurrently undermining foreign licensing opportunities and unlawfully cannibalizing legitimate sales.”

The coalition has also reportedly threatened legal movement against 30 scanlation websites.

Square Enix have introduced that it’s miles to launch it’s very own on-line manga website online within the fall, as a way to be made available to site visitors from North America and France. However, it’s going to not be loose as they aim to installation a “paid digital distribution channel” to “better serve the various needs of its international clients”. Square Enix is exceptional known for the famous sport series Final Fantasy.

One Manga has been indexed #935 in Google’s one thousand maximum-visited sites, which sourced its data in May of this yr. It states that One Manga obtained four.2 million unique visitors and 1.1 billion page perspectives that month.

So is this the cease of One Manga? Unlikely. Though the site will not offer site visitors the translated scans which made them so popular, they do have already got a thriving network forum with over one hundred,000 members. They are also ranked very surprisingly in lots of Google seek results, which offers large potential to increase a site aimed at the identical target market.

Among the titles which have been enjoyed by means of One Manga readers are Naruto, One Piece and Bleach.