The Best Auction Ideas Items For Your Charity Golf Tournament

If you’re planning a charity golf fundraiser, you’re likely to have two important objectives in mind: First, to raise as much money as possible for your charity, and second, to ensure that everyone has a great time. A successful charity golf event usually includes an auction of interesting items in addition to one or more dinner or cocktail receptions and – of course – the tournament itself.

It’s customary to have a pairings party unique silent auction ideas on the evening before play commences. At a pairings party the players draw names out of a bag to determine their golfing partners for the next morning. It also helps get the proceedings underway, and presents the ideal opportunity for holding your charity fundraising auction since you won’t risk drawing any attention away from the main event taking place on the golf course the following day. Many groups that conduct fundraising for charity find that a dual silent and live auction raises the greatest amount of revenue while also keeping participant interest at a maximum.

Autographed Golf Memorabilia Items are Perfect for Your Charity Fundraiser

For both live and silent auctions you’ll need a good range of auction items that will create plenty of buzz and draw high-dollar bids. If you’re holding a charity golf tournament, the obvious choices are articles with a clear golf theme, such as golf clubs, balls, bags, shirts, shoes and photographs. Better yet, how about offering memorabilia items that have been autographed by some of the leading golfers of our time? You can be sure that a lot of fans would pay dearly to get their hands on golf collectibles such as a golf bag that’s been signed by six-time Masters champion Jack Nicklaus, or an autographed and framed photograph of 2010 Masters champion Phil Mickelson. And just imagine how much your non-profit organization would benefit from being able to offer such attractive merchandise for auction. These articles are also suitable for gift baskets or raffles.

Another type of item that would lift the tone – and the proceeds – of your charity fundraiser is the golf experience package. This could, for example, be an exclusive trip to the Masters Tournament that takes place every April in Augusta, Georgia, or to the U.S. Open in June. You’ll also find that combining a number of related items in a single lot can help bring in higher bids and further boost your efforts to raise cash for a good cause.

Why Should You Engage a Professional Charity Fundraising Company?

At this point you might be wondering how you can obtain signed golf memorabilia and other special live and silent auction items for your fundraiser. Rather than attempt to buy from individual collectors, you should work with a company that specializes in sourcing authentic merchandise for benefit auctions. When you’re fundraising for charity it’s especially important to be sure you only offer genuine autographed articles of the highest quality, so that your auction patrons know that they’re getting a real piece of golf history while also contributing to a worthy charity. Naturally, you also need to keep your costs low in order to make as much profit as possible.

When you hire a reputable charity fundraising firm to help you plan your golf fundraiser, you’ll be able to rest assured that all your celebrity-signed live and silent auction items will be authentic. Professional operators in this field will always offer their items on consignment, which means that they don’t ask for any upfront payment, and that all unsold goods can be returned free of charge. They will help make your charity fundraising auction a resounding success by providing an excellent selection of highly appropriate, well-presented items at very reasonable prices.