Rise and Fall of the American Dream

USTOMER REQUIREMENTS Potential customers wanted pace and reliability, length. At the time the level turned into the handiest recreation on the town, and its 2800 mile course become meant to skirt around adverse Indians and obstructing snow, retaining its passengers lives (and hair), and incidentally getting the mail introduced. Russell’s new mission promised transport in 10 days or much less, charging $5 for letters weighing less a 1/2-ounce, plus the everyday 10 cent postage. According to Mark Twain in his e book Roughing It, “…Both rider and horse went flying mild. The rider’s get dressed become skinny, and outfitted close; he wore a roundabout, and a skull cap, and tucked his pantaloons into his boot-tops like a race-rider. He carried no hands – he carried not anything that was now not absolutely necessary, for even the postage on his literary freight became worth five dollars a letter. He got but little frivolous correspondence to hold – his bag had commercial enterprise letter in it, commonly. His horse become stripped of all pointless weight, too. He wore a little wafer of a racing saddle, and no visible blanket. He wore mild footwear, or none in any respect. The little flat mail wallet strapped underneath the rider’s thighs might each preserve approximately the bulk of a baby’s primer. They held many an important commercial enterprise bankruptcy and newspaper letter, but these had been written on paper as airy and skinny as gold-leaf, almost, and for that reason bulk and weight had been economized…”

DELIVERING ON PROMISES The Pony Express American Innovation Dollars hired eighty small men from the loads who carried out, the most famous of them William Cody, later called Buffalo Bill. The commercial enterprise lasted most effective 19 months – until the telegraph became finished and supplied a good deal quicker shipping of messages. During it’s quick existence Pony Express riders effectively delivered 34,743 pieces of mail, with most effective one mail delivery ever being misplaced.

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