Just about every Tribe in Nigeria Provides a Degree of Tribalism – A Scenario For an Igbo President


I recall once the dilemma was set to the famous Fela Anikulapo – Kuti on what he felt about Ojukwu as well as the Civil War and his reply was “… is there any Nigerian that is not Tribalistic?… ”

And that i am of exactly the same feeling. There is absolutely no segment of Nigeria that is not in any other case. The fact it really is nearly impossible to contest an elective position exterior your point out and perhaps outdoors your locality exhibits how tribal we’ve been.

The term “Indigene” is actually a generation of individuals who wrote the Structure to further widen our variety doesn’t exist in the English dictionary, but does within the Nigerian Structure. If It’s not tribalism, reveal to me why I have to obtain a Certification of Indigeneship from my Standard ruler or Local Federal government Authority (LGA) to submit an application for a occupation, scholarships, special Advantages, and so on.

You could are now living in denial all you desire, but Each and every and everyone of us techniques Tribalism to a specific degree. The Igbos haven’t held this country to hostage in almost any way or brought bloodshed to this nation. The lengthy crisis in the north (most lately the Jos crisis) and agitations with the Niger Delta is practically nothing but tribalism and selfishness, however you will find entrusted Along with the presidency of Nigeria.

And Igbo Presidency are going to be as good visa agents in lagos as a Yoruba, Hausa or any other ethnic group or better still. Also, How will you come to that conclusion once we have not experienced an Igbo President Far more so, how has our state fared beneath the presidency of your North as well as West?

I’m pleased with Nigeria, I am very pleased to generally be from the giant of Africa and quite possibly the most populous black nation and I don’t desire that to vary. If M.K.O Abiola can earn the freest and fairest election from the history of Nigeria in I993 with none Distinctive zoning then you should Do not notify me that there is no Igbo man that could’t attain that underneath the exact issue.

And nevertheless to the zoning difficulty, It’s not necessarily additional but a development with the PDP. the North – South and six geo-political zone is all garbage and it has accomplished nothing but cause additional confusion With this place. All we’d like in Nigeria is often a Sovereign Nationwide Conference (SNG) to evaluation our nationhood.